The Merry Widow


F. Lehar
April 2019
"All the world's in love with Love."
And we want to share some more love with you.
We're working hard to bring you some brand new entertainment, but in the meantime, we thought it would be nice to talk a walk down memory lane to April of 2019 and Franz Lehar's masterpiece. THE MERRY WIDOW.
Anna Glawari is coming to town. She is now incredibly wealthy, and incredibly eligible for remarriage - something she has a thing or two to say about.
Under the watchful eye of Baron Zeta, who has stakes of his own in her marriage. His entire future depends on her choice.
Who will it be? Monsieur de St. Brioche from France? The Vicomte de Cascada from Spain? Or Count Danilo who seems to irk our Merry Widow in an intriguing way.
Featuring a cast of some of Canada's finest young talent, led by Soprano Lucia Cesaroni in the title role, and featuring a few more of TOT's favourite artists, please enjoy Lehar's THE MERRY WIDOW.



Gilbert & Sullivan
March 2020
Ahoy, all Toronto Operetta Theatre patrons, G & S fans and new operetta lovers!  Join us aboard one of the most famous ships ever to sail the seven seas and enjoy our gift of entertainment….from us to you!
Ralph Rackstraw has fallen in love with Josephine. Unfortunately, the poor "British Tar" holds far too low a station for her to marry - despite the fact that she loves him desperately too.
The "Ruler of the Queen's Navee" - Sir Joseph Porter KCB - also has his eye on marrying the young beauty, a match her father Captain Corcoran much prefers.
However, Buttercup, the bumboat woman, holds a secret that is so topsy-turvy, it could only be Gilbert & Sullivan.
From our 2020 production - our last pre-pandemic show, please enjoy these archival highlights.

LOS GAVILANES (The Sparrow Hawks)


by Jacinto Guerrero
April/May 2016
libretto by José Ramos Martin
English dialogue by
Guillermo Silva-Marin
A Zarzuela from Spain, LOS GAVILANES (The Sparrow Hawks) tells the story of Juan, who returns to has native village in Spain from Peru as a wealthy man, at last worthy of marriage to his childhood sweetheart Adriana.  Separated for over twenty years, Adriana is unforgiving.  In his absence, Adriana had married another and is now a widow with a daughter, Rosaura.  Adriana’s mother Leontina proposes that Juan marry Rosaura scandalizing the village.  Juan is hesitant to complicate the situation especially as Rosaura is known to be in love with a young villager called Gustavo.
Filled with glorious Spanish Lyricism and stunning rich harmonies, this production features Guillermo Silva-Marin and some of Canada's most amazing voices to dazzle your ears and eyes in the 2016 Canadian Premiere at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts in Toronto.

The Beautiful Helen (La Belle Helene)


Jacques Offenbach
Jane Mallet Theatre
Guillermo Silva-Marin
Peter Tiefenbach
Highlights from our 2018 production of Jacques Offenbach's hilarious romp through Ancient Greece. An hilarious retelling of Paris stealing the most beautiful woman in the world from the bumbling Menelaus.



J. Strauss II
Jane Mallet Theatre
December 28 2018 - January 2, 2019
Director - Guillermo Silva-Marin
Music Director - Derek Bate
Dr. Falke has shown up at a very inopportune to exact revenge on his friend Eisenstein for leaving him in a compromising position after a costume party. Eisenstein, Rosalinda (his wife), Alfred (her former lover), and their maid Adele all find themselves attending a lavish party thrown by the Russian Prince of ennui himself: Orlofsky.
Mistaken identities, botched seductions, and borrowed gowns bring about some seriously silly hijinx.



J. Strauss II
Jane Mallet Theatre
December 28 2018 - January 2, 2019
Director - Guillermo Silva-Marin
Music Director - Derek Bate
From our most recent production of Johann Strauss II's masterpiece #DieFledermaus here we have Alfred (Cian Horrobin) passing his time in jail by giving his bumbling jailer Frosch (Guillermo Silva-Marin) a rather UNIQUE voice lesson.



J. Strauss II
Jane Mallet Theatre
Stage Director: Guillermo Silva-Marin
Conductor: Derek Bate
Music: Johann Strauss II
Libretto: Ignaz Schnitzer
Archival Montage of Toronto Operetta Theatre's production of Johann Strauss II's classic THE GYPSY BARON (Der Zigeunerbaron)

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